Console accounts

You can use the following accounts to log on to the console:

  • Alibaba Cloud account: This account allows flexible control of all your Alibaba Cloud resources and is used for billing purposes. You must create an Alibaba Cloud account before you can purchase any Alibaba Cloud services.

  • RAM user account: optional. You can create and manage RAM user accounts in the Resource Access Management (RAM) console to share resources to multiple users. A RAM user account does not have ownership over any resources. Charges incurred are billed to the parent Alibaba Cloud account.

Database cluster accounts

You can use the following accounts to log on to your database cluster. For more information, see Create a database account.
Account type Description
Privileged account
  • You can only create and manage the account in the console.
  • A cluster can have only one privileged account. A privileged account can manage all standard accounts and databases.
  • A privileged account has more permissions, which allows you to perform finer management operations. For example, you can grant query permissions on different tables to each user.
  • The account has all permissions on all databases in the cluster.
  • The account can disconnect any account from the cluster.