Security Center is a unified security management system that provides real time identification, analysis, and notifications about security threats on your system. It provides security such as ransomware prevention, anti-virus protection, web tamper prevention, and compliance assessments. These capabilities help users automate threat detection and responses, trace secure cloud and on-premises servers, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Security Center provides Basic Edition, Advanced Edition, and Enterprise Edition. For more information about the features of these editions, see Features.

Security Center Enterprise Edition automatically quarantines viruses to prevent and isolate mainstream ransomware (such as WannaCry and Globelmposter) and DDoS Trojans (such as XOR DDoS and BillGates). Security Center Enterprise Edition provides more extensive coverage for your assets. We recommend that you enable this feature to improve the security of your assets. For information about how to enable automatic isolation, seeSettings.

View overall information of all ECS instances

Log on to the ECS console. On the Overview page that appears, click Handle to go to the Overview page of Security Center to view ECS security details.

You can log on to the Security Center console and click Overview in the left-side navigation pane to check the threat overview and security score of assets, such as the number of unfixed alerts, alert priorities, and the total number of detected alerts. For more information, see Overview page.

You can click Fix Now in the Unhandled Alerts, Unfixed Vul, Baseline Risks, or Attacks section to check the details of asset threats and fix them.

View details of an ECS instance

You can log on to the ECS console, click Instances in the left-side navigation pane, and click the Alibaba Cloud Security Center icon of an ECS instance on the Instances page that appears to go to the Assets page in the Security Center console to view the details of the ECS instance.

For information about how to view the details of an ECS instance on the Assets page in Security Center, see Manage individual assets.

Note If the client status of an asset is Offline, the Security Center agent is offline. Security Center cannot protect servers whose agent is offline. In this case, you must log on to the Security Center console, click Settings in the left-side navigation pane. Then click the Agent tab, find the server, and click Install the client in the Actions column for the server. For more information, see Install or uninstall the Security Center agent.