You can call this operation to query the details of a Search Index structure. To use the Search Index feature for a table, you must create a Search Index structure in the table. One table can contain multiple Search Index structures.


Name: DescribeSearchIndex

  • TableName: the name of the target table where you request the details of the Search Index structure.
  • IndexName: the name of the target index.


private static DescribeSearchIndexResponse describeSearchIndex(SyncClient client) {
    DescribeSearchIndexRequest request = new DescribeSearchIndexRequest();
    request.setTableName(TABLE_NAME); // Set the name of the table.
    request.setIndexName(INDEX_NAME); // Set the name of the index.
    DescribeSearchIndexResponse response = client.describeSearchIndex(request);
    System.out.println(response.jsonize()); // Display the details of the response.
    return response;