This topic describes how to handle issues where the state of a vulnerability does not change after the fix is applied and verified.


A user fixed a software vulnerability on the server based on the vulnerability scan result from Security Center. The user upgrades the software to the version that meets the requirements on the vulnerability details page in the Security Center console. However, when the user verifies the vulnerability fix on the Detail page, the state of the vulnerability does not change to Handled.


Locate the cause by using one of the following methods:
  • Check whether the Security Center agent is up-to-date.

    If the version of the agent on your server is earlier than required, the vulnerability scan feature may not be supported. If the agent is not automatically updated, we recommend that you manually install the latest agent. For more information, see Install the Security Center agent.

  • Check whether the agent is offline.

    If the agent on your server is offline, you cannot verify vulnerability fixes. We recommend that you troubleshoot potential problems and make sure that the agent on your server is online by referring to Identify why the agent is offline.