Express Cloud Connect (ECC) is a cloud access service that is based on the hardware capacities and built-in routing encapsulation technology of Smart Access Gateway (SAG), and can be easily integrated with the dedicated lines of service providers. By using ECC, you can not only guarantee compliance but also experience the benefits of a highly reliable, high-performance, and low-latency cloud network environment.

Note Currently, the ECC service is available only in regions within the Mainland China area.


ECC provides the following advantages:
  • Low cost: Only a bandwidth fee is charged. No initial installation fee or resource occupation fee is charged.
  • Compliance: Alibaba Cloud cooperates with service providers to mitigate line disconnection risks caused by non-compliance.
  • Reliable quality: Service quality is ensured through backup equipment, links, and access points. The SLA of a dual-link service is defined as up to 99.95%.
  • Multiple lines from service providers: Multiple lines from service providers are available to meet different business needs.
  • Value-added network functions: Value-added services are provided, such as Internet acceleration, encryption, and access to Private Zone.


ECC adopts the deployment model of SAG + Internet + dedicated line, as shown in the following figure.