Express Cloud Connect (ECC) allows you to focus more on developing your business on the cloud without the hassle of infrastructure concerns.


  1. Log on to the Express Connect console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Physical Connections > Express Cloud Connect.
  3. On the Express Cloud Connect page, click Apply for Express Cloud Connect.
    Note Currently, the ECC service is available as a beta release. To activate the service, open a ticket.
  4. After a site survey is finished, the application enters the To be Paid state.
    On the payment page, you can choose whether to use the equipment debug service provided by Alibaba Cloud and whether to purchase backup equipment, and select a purchase period.
  5. After you pay the ECC service fee, Alibaba Cloud begins the cable installation.

    After the installation is completed, the system automatically creates a VBR and you need to confirm the installation.