This topic describes how to subscribe to event notifications in the CloudMonitor console.


  1. Log on to the CloudMonitor console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Event Monitoring.
  3. On the Event Monitoring page that appears, click the Alarm Rules tab and then click Create Event Alert.
  4. On the Create / Modify Event Alert page, set event notifications.
    • Configure event filtering rules as follows:
      • Set Event Type to System Event.
      • Set Product Type to ECS.
      • Set Event Level as required. Valid values: CRITICAL, WARN, and INFO.
      • Set Event Name. You can select multiple values from the drop-down list. For more information, see Overview of event notifications.
        Note We recommend that you do not select All Events. You are advised to create different levels of event alerts based on the extent to which events affect your business.
      • Set Resource Range. If All Resources is selected, event notifications are sent when the specified events occur on any resources.
    • Configure event notification pushing as follows:
      • Set the notification method. When an event occurs, a corresponding event notification can be pushed by SMS, email, TradeManager, or DingTalk chatbot. To improve readability, notification content is customized based on the notification method.
        Note INFO level events occur frequently. Therefore, we recommend that you do not set notifications for INFO events or else you will receive a large number of notifications.
      • Set the message processing middleware. To automate event processing, you can configure Message Queue, Function Compute, GET or POST URL callback, and Log Service.
  5. Click OK.


After event notifications are set, ECS will push notifications based on the specified notification method. The following example shows a non-customized event notification in JSON format. The notification is sent when the status of the ECS instance changes.

    "eventTime": "20181226T220114.058+0800",
    "id": "9435EAD6-3CF6-4494-8F7A-3A********77",
    "level": "INFO",
    "name": "Instance:StateChange",
    "product": "ECS",
    "regionId": "cn-hangzhou",
    "resourceId": "acs:ecs:cn-hangzhou:169070********30:instance/i-bp1ecr********5go2go",
    "userId": "169070********30",
    "ver": "1.0",
    "content": {
        "resourceId": "i-bp1ecr********5go2go",
        "resourceType": "ALIYUN::ECS::Instance",
        "state": "Stopping"
Event notifications include the following fixed top-level fields:
  • id: the ID of the event.
  • eventTime: the time when the event occurred. The time zone is UTC+8.
  • level: the level of the event. Valid values: INFO, WARN, and CRITICAL.
  • name: the name of the event. For more information, see Overview of event notifications.
  • product: the name of the product. Set the value to ECS.
  • regionId: the Alibaba Cloud region. For more information about the parameter values, see Regions and zones.
  • resourceId: the Aliyun Resource Name (ARN) of the resource.
  • userId: the user account ID.
  • content: the event details. For more information about the format, see Overview of event notifications.