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API&SMPP Error Code

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2019
API Error Code SMP Error Code Description
OK 20 OK
isp.SYSTEM_ERROR 21 System error
isp.UNKNOWN 22 unknown exception
isv.NOT_SUPPORTED_COUNTRY 26 Target country not supported.
isv.OUT_OF_SERVICE 27 Account suspended due to an insufficient balance.
isv.ACCOUNT_NOT_EXISTS 29 Alibaba Cloud account does not exist.
isv.ACCOUNT_ABNORMAL 30 Alibaba Cloud Account is abnormal.
isv.SMS_CONTENT_CODE_ILLEGAL 31 The ContentCode is illegal.
isv.SMS_SIGN_NAME_ILLEGAL 32 The SignName is illegal.
isv.MOBILE_NUMBER_ILLEGAL 33 The format of the phone number is wrong.
isv.MOBILE_COUNT_OVER_LIMIT 34 The quantity of phone numbers exceed the limit.
isv.CONTENT_MISSING_PARAMETERS 35 Lack of value for ContentParam.
isv.INVALID_PARAMETERS 36 Parameter is abnormal.
isv.INVALID_JSON_PARAM 42 The input format of Parameters is wrong.
isv.BLACK_KEY_CONTROL_LIMIT 43 Blacklist control.
isv.PARAM_LENGTH_LIMIT 44 The length of parameter value exceeds limit.
isv.AMOUNT_NOT_ENOUGH 45 Account Balance insufficient.
isv.DATA_NOT_EXIST 46 The data does not exist. Please try again later.
isv.BILLING_DEDUCTION_ERROR 47 SMS service charge is abnormal.
isp.RAM_PERMISSION_DENY 55 RAM permission denied.
isv.PRODUCT_UN_SUBSCRIPT 57 SMS service is not activated.
isp.SYSTEM_ERROR 23 System error.
isp.GATEWAY_ERROR 24 System error.
isv.FORBIDDEN_ACTION 25 Illegal operation.
isv.SENDERID_ERROR 25 The input format of From is invalid.
BUSINESS_LIMIT_CONTROL_MINUTE 38 Delivery frequency exceeds the minute limit.
isv.BUSINESS_LIMIT_HOUR 39 Delivery frequency exceeds the hour limit.
isv.BUSINESS_LIMIT_DAY 40 Delivery frequency exceeds the day limit.
BUSINESS_LIMIT_CONTROL_PHONE 41 Delivery frequency exceeds the phone limit.
isp.SYSTEM_ERROR 46 System error.
isv.COUNTRY_RESTRICTED 90 The Phone Number from Mainland China is not supported.
isv.QUERY_DATE_ILLEGAL 52 The StartDate or EndDate is illegal
isv.RAM_CHECK_FAILED 54 RAM privilege authorized failure.
isp.RES_OWNER_ID_UNKNOWN 56 he AliID for the belonged resource was not found.
isv.SYSTEM_LIMIT_CONTROL 81 Sending Frequency limit reached.
isv.DAY_LIMIT_CONTROL 84 Exceeds Daily Volume Limit.
isv.MONTH_LIMIT_CONTROL 85 Exceeds Monthly Volume Limit.