Burstable performance instances allow you to use CPU credits to maximize the performance of your instances while remaining cost-effective.


Burstable performance instances can cost nearly 50% less than other shared instances of the same configuration, depending on the instance type you selected.
Note The actual performance of a burstable performance instance corresponds to its accumulation and usage of CPU credits. For more information, see Burstable performance instances.

Multiple specifications

Alibaba Cloud provides a variety of instance type specifications for burstable performance instances that you can select to meet a wide range of scenarios. The smallest burstable performance instance specification starts with only one vCPU core and 0.5 GiB, allowing you to flexibly combine instances. For more information, see t5 instance type family.

Predictable CPU performance

Burstable performance instances are designed to provide a baseline level of CPU performance (baseline performance). You can predict the maximum possible performance required by your instance based on its baseline performance and accrued CPU credits, and select compute capabilities for a variety of scenarios as needed.

High network performance

Burstable performance instances use the most advanced network-based technologies to reduce network latency to a third of the level compared to the last-generation instances.