ApsaraDB for Redis 5.0 significantly optimizes kernel performance and system stability. It currently supports new features, such as the Redis Streams data type, account management, and audit logging, to meet the needs in diverse scenarios.

Update description

  • Supports a new data type: Redis Streams. For more information, see Redis Streams.
  • Supports Manage database accounts.
  • Supports the log management feature. You can manage audit logs, operational logs, and slow logs. You can query the records of commands used to manage databases, read/write operations, and sensitive operations such as KEYS and FLUSHALL operations. You can also monitor slow logs.
  • Supports timer, cluster, and dictionary APIs.
  • Supports the least frequently used (LFU) and least recently used (LRU) caching strategies for Redis database (RDB) files.
  • Supports the Redis command line interface (redis-cli) instead of redis-trib.rb to manage clusters. You need to write command code by using C language instead of Ruby language.
  • Supports the following commands for sorted sets: ZPOPMIN, ZPOPMAX, BZPOPMIN, and BZPOPMAX.
  • Supports Active Defragmentation v2.
  • Supports enhanced performance of HyperLogLog.
  • Supports optimized statistical reports of the memory.
  • Supports the HELP subcommand for various commands that can include subcommands.
  • Supports performance stability when connections between databases and clients are frequently disabled and enabled.
  • Supports Jemalloc 5.1.0.
  • Supports the CLIENT ID and CLIENT UNBLOCK commands.
  • Supports the LOLWUT command that is used to produce interesting outputs.
  • Discards the term "slave" in all scenarios unless you need to ensure backward compatibility of APIs.
  • Optimizes the network layer.
  • Improves Lua script-related configuration.
  • Supports the dynamic-hz parameter to optimize CPU usage and response performance.
  • Reconstructs and improves Redis core code.
Note ApsaraDB for Redis 5.0 only supports the Standard Edition. We are working on support for other editions.