This topic records the released functions of OSS and lists the documentation related to the functions.

Function Description Release date Applied region Documentation
ossutil 1.6.0

Ossutil allows you to manage OSS data easily by using command lines and provides simple and easy-to-use commands for bucket and object management. Ossutil supports the following operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

In ossutil 1.6.0, the following functions are added: create folders, append upload, Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), manage logs, and set anti-leech.

2019-04-25 All regions
Bucket policy Bucket policies are used for resource-based authorization and can be directly configured by the bucket owner on the graphical console for access authorization. 2019-01-21 All regions Use bucket policies to authorize other users to access OSS resources
Set or modify the storage class of an object When uploading an object, you can set the storage class of the object to Standard, IA, or Archive. The setting takes effect immediately after the object is uploaded.

You can convert the storage class of an object among Standard, IA, and Archive by performing a CopyObject operation. The time period that is required for the conversion to take effect reduces from days to seconds.

2018-11-10 All regions
Terraform The Terraform module for Alibaba Cloud OSS is released. By using Terraform, you can manage your infrastructure resources based on versions and perform OSS operations, such as creating a bucket or managing objects, by running code. 2018-11-07 All regions
Server-side encryption based on CMKs You can encrypt objects at the server side by using KMS. 2018-10-20 All regions Protect data by performing server-side encryption
OSS Select The OSS Select function allows you to use SQL statements to select required data from an object, reducing the data that needs to be transferred and improving the efficiency that you obtains data from OSS. 2018-09-28 All regions


Compliant retention strategy OSS supports compliant retention strategies for buckets, which protect yoor data from being deleted or modified. 2018-09-28 China South 1 (Shenzhen)
Redundant storage across zones Data in OSS is separately stored in three zones within the same region. Users can access the data even if one of the three zones is unavailable. 2018-09-28 China South 1 (Shenzhen) and China North 2 (Beijing) Redundant storage across zones
Pay-by-requester mode After the pay-by-requester mode is enabled for a bucket in OSS, the requester instead of the bucket owner pays the cost of the request and traffic. The bucket owner always pays the cost of storing data. 2018-09-27 China South 1 (Shenzhen) Enable the pay-by-requester mode
Use CMKs managed by KMS to decrypt data (SSE-KMS) You can encrypt OSS data on the server side by using CMKs managed by KMS. You can specify the key for one CMK ID to achieve the BYOK function. 2018-08-14 All regions Server-side encryption
OSS Python SDK supports client-side encryption You can use the client-side encryption SDK to encrypt local data and upload the data to OSS. To use this function, you must manage the encryption process and the encryption key. 2018-06-05 All regions

Client-side encryption

The unit price for the Standard storage class is reduced The unit price for the Standard storage class in Mainland China reduces to US$0.0173/GB/Month, which is a 18.9% drop. 2018-06-02 Regions in Mainland China

OSS pricing page

Combination of OSS and DataLakeAnalytics You can query and analyze OSS data in the DataLakeAnalytics console in a serverless and interactive method. 2018-05-31 All regions

Quickly analyze data in OSS

OSS Browser.js and Node.js SDKs support resumable upload In resumable uploads, objects to be uploaded are divided into parts. All parts are combined into the complete object after they are uploaded. 2018-03-07 All regions
Certificate hosting You can host the certificate for your CNAME on OSS and access the CNAME through the HTTPS protocol. 2018-03-05 All regions

OSS iOS SDK can be called by SWIFT Mobile application developers using SWIFT can call OSS iOS SDK. 2018-01-18 All regions OSSSwiftDemo
OSS iOS SDK 2.8 and Android SDK 2.5 support CRC64 data verification After the CRC64 verification is enabled, the CRC64 value of the uploaded or downloaded data is compared with the CRC64 value of the original data to ensure the data integrity. 2017-12-21 All regions

iOS SDK: Data security

Data migration tool ossimport Ossimport is a tool used to migrate data from other cloud storage to OSS buckets. 2017-10-23 All regions
Cross-region replication Cross-region replication is used to automatically and asynchronously copy objects across buckets in different regions. Any changes (creation, replacement, and deletion) to objects in the source bucket will be synchronized to the target bucket. 2017-09-15 Regions in Mainland China, US East 1, and US West 1 Configure cross-region replication
The unit price for the Archive storage class is reduced The unit price for the Archive storage class reduces by 45%. The minimum storage period is modified to 60 days. 2017-07-21 All regions
The new version of the OSS console is released
  • Optimized the layout and navigation system.
  • Information in the overview page is aggregated.
  • The configuration and management functions of buckets and objects are upgraded.
2017-07-01 All regions Log on to OSS console
The maximum number of buckets that an Alibaba Cloud account can create increases to 30 An Alibaba Cloud account can create a maximum of 30 buckets in a region. 2017-04-24 All regions
OSS iOS SDK 2.6.0 is released OSS iOS SDK 2.6.0 supports the latest HTTPS access standards for App Store 2016-12-16 All regions Installation
Manage parts You can clear unnecessary parts in a timely manner by setting lifecycle rules. 2016-03-10 All regions Manage parts
OSS Media-C SDK is released OSS Media-C SDK is released, which can be used to encapsulate data on camera equipment and upload the data to OSS. 2016-03-06 All regions Preface
Set back-to-origin rules After you set back-to-origin rules, OSS retrieves requested data from the origin in multiple ways to meet your requirements such as hot data migration and specific request redirection. 2016-01-14 All regions Manage back-to-origin configurations
OSS Ruby SDK is released OSS Ruby SDK is released. 2015-11-26 All regions Installation
Image processing The image processing function is enabled for buckets by default. 2015-11-10 All regions Image processing
Append upload By using append upload, you can use the AppendObject API of OSS to directly append content to the appendable objects that are uploaded. 2015-07-18 All regions Append upload
Set data callback for application servers in upload tasks OSS allows you to set up OSS-based direct data transfer for mobile applications and set data callback in upload tasks. 2015-07-08 All regions Set up data callback for mobile apps
OSS supports RAM OSS supports Resource Access Management (RAM). You can authorize a RAM user by using your Alibaba Cloud account or generate a temporary token for other users to access your OSS resources. 2015-04-26 All regions What is RAM and STS
Lifecycle rules You can configure lifecycle rules for OSS buckets or objects by using the PutBucketLifecycle interface to automatically delete expired objects and parts or change the storage class of expired objects to IA or Archive, saving storage costs. 2014-10-20 All regions Manage object lifecycle
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) CORS is a standard cross-origin solution provided by HTML5. OSS supports CORS for cross-region access. 2014-03-15 All regions Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)
Form upload By using form upload, you can use the PostObject API of OSS to upload objects with a maximum size of 5 GB. 2014-02-12 All regions Form upload
Server-side encryption OSS supports server-side encryption for uploaded data. This means that when user data is uploaded, OSS encrypts the data and permanently stores the data. Then, when the data is downloaded by a user, OSS automatically decrypts the data, returns the original data to the user, and declares in the header of the returned HTTP request that the data has been encrypted on the server. 2012-11-4 All regions Server-side encryption
CNAME To access an uploaded object by using a custom domain name, you must attach the custom domain name to the bucket where the object is stored and add a CNAME record that directs to the Internet domain name of the bucket. 2012-09-04 All regions Attach a custom domain name
Access logging A large number of access logs are generated when an object is accessed. After the access logging function is enabled for a bucket, OSS automatically generates an object in the specified bucket (target bucket) to store the access logs on an hourly basis. 2012-08-09 All regions Access logging
Static website hosting You can call the PutBucketWebsite API to set your bucket to the static website hosting mode and access the static website through the URL of the bucket. 2012-06-20 All regions Configure static website hosting
Multipart upload By using multipart upload and resumable upload provided by Alibaba Cloud OSS, you can split an object into multiple data blocks (parts) and upload them separately. After uploading all the object parts, you can call an API to combine them into an object. 2012-03-29 All regions Multipart upload and resumable upload
Copy objects You can copy objects from a bucket to another bucket without modifying the object content. 2011-12-16 All regions Copy objects
Anti-leech By using the anti-leech function, you can set referers by calling the PutBucketReferer API to prevent your OSS data from being used by unauthorized users. 2011-12-16 All regions Anti-leech settings
HTTP header HTTP header is used to define the policy of HTTP requests, such as cache policy or download policy. 2011-12-16 All regions Set an HTTP header
OSS is released Alibaba Cloud OSS is released for commercial use. 2011-10-22 All regions What is OSS?