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Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019

After selecting the specifications of container groups and completing network planning for your enterprise, you can estimate the costs based on the following factors:

Billing method

  • Pay-as-you-go

    Pay-as-you-go is a post-payment method that allows you to use the container group before paying for it. The container group is billed in RMB/seconds. This billing method is applicable to business applications or services that may have traffic bursts, such as temporary scale-out, interim testing, and scientific computing.

  • Preemptible instance

    You can also select preemptible instances to reduce the computing cost of container groups. Preemptible instances are billed on demand. To use a preemptible instance, you must offer the maximum hourly rate that you are willing to pay for a container group. When your bid is higher than the current market price, the preemptible instance starts to run. The current market price will be the final price that you pay for the container group.

  • Reserved instance

    A reserved instance is a discount coupon that can be automatically applied to one or more pay-as-you-go container groups (excluding preemptible instances) under your account, and can also reserve resources for container groups. A combination of reserved and pay-as-you-go container groups is more flexible and cost-effective than subscribed container groups.


When selecting a region, consider the following factors:

  • The region of the container group and the geographical location of your target users.
  • The relationship between Elastic Container Instance (ECI) and other Alibaba Cloud products.
  • The price of the container group in the target region. When you create a container group by specifying specifications for container groups, the price may vary in different regions. For more information about the prices of container groups, see Cloud product pricing.

Number of container groups

The number of container groups that you purchase determines the final cost.