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Last Updated: Aug 13, 2019
Feature Release date Topic
ECI is integrated with Log Service. June 15, 2019 Enable ECI logging
ECI supports specifying status.podIP as the env.valueFrom.fieldRef parameter value. June 10, 2019 Specify status.podIP as an ECI environment variable value
ECI supports the ActionTrail feature. June 4, 2019 Enable ActionTrail
ECI supports reserved instances. June 2, 2019 Use reserved instances
ECI is available in Beijing Zone G, Hangzhou Zone I, Shenzhen Zone E, Shanghai Zone F, and Shanghai Zone G. May 22, 2019 Regions and zones
ECI supports authenticating users by using tags. May 8, 2019 Authenticate users by using tags
ECI supports specifying an ECS instance type as a container group type. April 16, 2019 Specify an ECS instance type as a container group type
ECI supports specifying the GPU type for a container group. April 16, 2019 Select a GPU type
ECI supports monitoring container group by using metrics. April 9, 2019 Monitor container groups by using metrics
ECI supports creating a container group based on the template of the JSON type. April 8, 2019 Create a container group based on the template of the JSON type
ECI supports the securityContext.sysctl parameter. March 20, 2019
ECI supports update and restart APIs. March 4, 2019 Restart container groups
ECI supports idempotent functions. February 26, 2019
ECI supports managing resource groups. February 22, 2019 Resource group
ECI supports 60 vCPUs for each container group. February 1, 2019 Limits
Virtual Kubelet supports event APIs. January 18, 2019
The volumeMount parameter supports a specified Network File System (NFS) subpath. January 10, 2019
ECI supports running commands in the console. December 22, 2018 Run commands in the ECI console
ECI supports allocating the quota of vCPUs based on membership levels. December 15, 2018 Limits
ECI is available in Singapore. December 8, 2018 Regions and zones
ECI supports CloudShell. You can manage ECI by using the web. November 30, 2018 Manage ECI by using CloudShell
ECI is available in China (Shenzhen). November 20, 2018 Regions and zones
ECI supports Elastic IP Address. November 20, 2018 Access ECI from public networks
ECI supports customizing container group specifications. November 15, 2018 Specify the vCPU and memory for a container group
ECI supports the tag feature. November 2, 2018
ECI is available in the international site. October 19, 2018 ECI product page
ECI is released for the beta test. September 22, 2018 Introduction to ECI