This topic describes how to log on to the IDaaS console as a common user.

Common users are employee accounts created or imported by an IT administrator. They are end users of the IDaaS console. After creating a common user account, the IT administrator assigns application permissions to the account and configures the logon authentication method.

Common users can log on to the IDaaS console with portal addresses, view the applications that they are authorized to access on the authentication-free applications page, and associate applications with application accounts. After associated with application accounts, common users can access applications in a single sign-on manner.

Logon from a PC

  1. Access the IDaaS portal address from a PC browser.
    Note The portal address is provided by the IT administrator. The IT administrator can query the view portal addresses on the Instance List page.

  2. Enter the mobile phone number, account username, or email address and password, and then complete authentication on the logon page.