Geo-blocking allows you to block access from specific regions based on IP address. For example, you can choose to block requests from 34 Chinese provincial regions and 7 international regions. Currently, this feature is only available to specific domains.


Before you enable Geo-blocking, make sure that your domain is associated with an Anti-DDoS Pro instance of the enhanced package.

Background information

Assume that all normal requests to website are from 34 Chinese provincial regions. You can use Geo-blocking to block requests from international regions.

  • To enable Geo-blocking for multiple domains, you must modify Geo-blocking status for each domain respectively.
  • When Geo-blocking is enabled, Anti-DDoS Pro identifies and filters traffic based on the region where the traffic originates. This feature does not reduce the volume of traffic that enters Anti-DDoS Pro scrubbing centers.


  1. Log on to the new Anti-DDoS Pro console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Protection > Protection Settings > HTTP Flood Protection Policies.
  3. Select a domain, for example, In the Geo-blocking section, click the Status toggle to enable Geo-blocking for the selected domain.

  4. Click Change Settings. Select the regions that you want to block in the dialog box that appears. You can select regions as follows to block traffic from international regions.

  5. Click OK and the configuration takes effect immediately.