This topic describes how to manage an account on the Accounts page of the IDaaS console. You can view account details, enable or disable two-factor authentication, reset the password, enable or disable an account, and delete an account.


  1. Log on to the IDaaS console as an IT administrator. For more information, see Logon in Administrator Guide.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Users > Accounts.
  3. Select the account type by clicking the Personal Account or Developer Account tab.
  4. Find the target account from the account list.
    Note You can search for an account by using the associated email address, associated phone number, and account name.
  5. Perform the following operations as needed:
    • View account details.
      1. Find the target account and click Account Details in the Actions column.
      2. The Account Details page consists of the following tabs:
        • Account Information: displays the general information, extended information, certificate information, and bound third-party account for the current account.
        • Available Applications: displays the applications that the current account is authorized to access.
        • Application Account: displays the application accounts created for the current account.
        • OUs and Groups: displays the OU list and group list to which the current account belongs.
        • Devices: displays the authenticated devices associated with the current account.
        • Report: generates an operation report for the current account.
      3. In the General Information section of the Account Information page, you can click Modify set Expiration Time for the current account.
    • Enable or disable two-factor authentication.

      Find the target account and turn on or off the switch in the Two-factor Authentication column to enable or disable two-factor authentication.

    • Reset the password.
      1. Find the target account and click Reset Password.
      2. In the dialog box that appears, select Send New Password to Associated Mailbox (ignore this option if there is not an email address specified for the account) and click OK.

        The account password is reset. A System Prompt message is displayed to indicate the new password.

    • Enable or disable an account.
      • For an account in the Disabled state, you can turn on the Enable switch to enable it.
      • For an account in the Normal state, you can turn off the Enable switch to disable it.
    • Mark an account as resigned.
      1. Find the target account and click Mark as Resigned.
      2. In the System Prompt message that appears, click OK.
        Note You can also make an account as resigned on the Account tab of the OUs and Groups page. For more information, see Mark an account resigned.