We recommend that you renew your physical connection interfaces before they expire to avoid service disruptions.

Background information

If you no longer use an interface, open a ticket to delete it.

If you do not renew your physical connection interface within 15 days after the bill becomes overdue, the interface is stopped. We recommend that you enable the auto-renewal function to ensure your interface is renewed on time.

Note No resource occupation fee is charged if you use a shared port of NSP partners, which means that only a VBR is created under your account and no physical connection interface is applied.


  1. Log on to the Express Connect console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Physical Connections > Physical Connection Interfaces.
    Note If your console is different from the following figure, click in the lower-right corner to switch to the new version console.
  3. Find the target physical connection interface and check its status. Only interfaces in the Enabled state can be renewed.
  4. Click Auto Renew (recommended) in the Actions column to renew the expiration date of the resource occupation fee associated to the interface.
    1. Click Auto Renew.
    2. On the Manually Renew tab of the Express Connect-Charge for rental (International) page, find the target interface and click Enable Auto-Renew in the Actions column.
    3. In the displayed Enable auto-renewal dialog box, select a renewal period and then click Enable Auto-Renew.
    4. After you renew the interface, you can go to the Manually Renew tab of the Express Connect-Charge for rental (International) page to verify the expiration date is updated.