After you create a device in IoT Platform, you can manage or view device information in the IoT Platform console.

Manage devices of an account

From the left-side navigation pane, choose Devices > Devices. The Devices page appears.

Task Procedure
View devices under a specific product Select a product in the upper-left corner of the page.
Search for a device Enter a device name, alias, or device tag to search for a device.
View detailed information about a device Click View next to the corresponding device.
Delete a device Click Delete next to the corresponding device.
Note After a device is deleted, the device certificate becomes invalid and the data about this device in IoT Platform is deleted.

View detailed information about a device

In the device list, click View next to the corresponding device. The Device Details page appears.

Task Procedure
Activate the device The Inactive status indicates that the device is not connected to IoT Platform. To develop the device and activate the device, see Download device SDKs.
View device information View the basic information about the device, including device certificate information, firmware information, extended information, and tag information.
View device data
  • On the Status tab page, view the latest values, data records, and desired values of properties.
  • On the Events tab page, view the records about device reported events.
  • On the Invoke Service tab page, view the service call records.
View device log On the Device Log tab page, click View to view the device log information. The information include device activities, upstream messages, downstream messages, TSL data, and QoS=1 message contents. For more information about device logs, see Device log.