IP Application Accelerator (IPA) is designed to provide services to non-standard HTTP protocol users, especially those using Layer-4 proprietary protocols. IPA is applicable to multiple scenarios, such as finance, games, and voice interaction. This service accelerates network transmission, reduces service latency, and improves access availability.


IPA provides access and transmission acceleration services for Layer-4 applications. It is based on the Alibaba Cloud CDN infrastructure, optimized internal protocols, and the intelligent routing system. You can use IPA to improve the transmission rate and service availability, especially in poor network conditions. IPA uses a proxy to forward client requests without any changes to the packets. This protects the privacy of clients. You can obtain IP addresses of clients through the origin server with simple configurations.

How it works

How it works
  • Proprietary protocols are used to control the transmission between edge nodes and L2 nodes, which ensures high availability, and stable and fast transmission.
  • The intelligent routing system is used to identify the optimal path from users to the origin server within the network. This further improves service availability and transmission rate.

IP transmission for the origin server

IP Application Accelerator (IPA) can transfer the source IP address of a client to the origin server. Both TOA and proxy protocols are supported.
  • TOA

    The TOA kernel module inserts the source IP address of the client to the option field in the TCP protocol. Before you use this method, make sure that the origin server has the TOA kernel module installed. No modifications are required for the application.

  • Proxy Protocol

    The proxy protocol inserts the source IP address of the client into the TCP payload. By default, the proxy protocol is supported by the open source versions of NGINX. For other applications on the origin server, make sure that the proxy protocol is supported.