The Log Analysis service of Cloud Firewall provides internet traffic logs and real-time log analysis.

The Log Analysis service of Cloud Firewall can automatically collect and store real-time log of both inbound and outbound traffic. It outputs query analysis, reports, alarms, and downstream computing interconnection and provide you with detailed analysis result.


The Log Analysis service of Cloud Firewall has the following benefits:
  • Classified Protection compliance: Log Analysis provides log storage duration of six months to help your website meet the requirements of classified protection compliance.
  • Easy configuration: Easy configuration allows you to collect Internet traffic logs in real time.
  • Real-time analysis: Integrated with the Simple Log Service (SLS), the Log Analysis service provides the real-time log analysis service and report center. With the help of log analysis, you can view all the traffic and user's visits going through Cloud Firewall.
  • Real-time alarms: Log Analysis supports you to customize real-time monitoring and alerts based on specific indicators. This ensures you receive real-time alerts when there is any threats detected in the critical business.


Before you begin to use the service of Log Analysis, the following prerequisite must be available:

You have purchased and activated the Log Analysis service of Cloud Firewall (Log Analysis is available in Pro, Enterprise, and Flagship editions). For details, refer to Activate Log Service.


The logstore of Cloud Firewall is an exclusive logstore with the following restrictions:
  • You cannot write data into logstore with APIs or SDKs, or modify the attributes of the logstore (such as the storage cycle).
    Note Other general logstore features (such as query, statistics, alarms, and stream consumption) are supported, and there is no difference with the general logstore.
  • Alibaba Cloud's Log Service (SLS) does not charge for the exclusive logstore of Cloud Firewall, but SLS itself must be available (not overdue).
  • Built-in reports provided by Log Analysis of Cloud Firewall may be updated and upgraded automatically.


  • Track Internet traffic logs to trace security threats.
  • Allow you to view Internet request activities in real time, and check the security status and trend of your assets.
  • Provide you with quick understanding of security operation efficiency and handling the risks in a timely manner.
  • Output logs to your self-built data and computing centers.