When services are published for a High-speed Service Framework (HSF) application, the following error is reported: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: publisher count bigger than 800.


The image failed to be pulled during the creation of a Kubernetes application.


The configclient plug-in of Pandora has the following limits on the number of HSF services that can be published for a single application.

Name Example Limit Adjustable
{Service name}:{Version number} com.alibaba.edas.testcase.api.TestCase:1.0.0 192 bytes No
Group name aliware 32 bytes No
The number of services published for a Pandora application instance. None 800 Yes. See Solution.


  1. On the Basic Information tab, choose Settings > JVM in the Application Settings section.
  2. In the Application Settings dialog box, click Custom. In the text box on the right side of Custom Parameters, enter the JVM parameter -DCC.pubCountMax=2000, and then click Save.
  3. Restart the application to apply the parameter.