Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service allows you to revoke certificates and delete expired or revoked certificates.

Revoke: An issued certificate is canceled on the part of the issuing authority. After the certificate is revoked, it is no longer valid for encryption and the browser no longer trusts it.

Delete: Certificate resources are deleted from the Alibaba Cloud system.

Restrictions on certificate revocation and refunds

You can apply to Revoke certificates when you no longer need it or for security reasons. Certificate revocation is not subject to any restrictions.

When a paid certificate is revoked (you submit a revocation application and the revocation review is completed) within 30 days after it is issued, you are entitled to a full refund. If you revoke a certificate after 30 days, no refund is made.

Restrictions on certificate deletion

  • Unexpired certificates can be deleted only after being revoked.
  • Expired certificates can be deleted at any time.
  • Manually uploaded certificates can be deleted at any time.