This topic describes how to add a third-party application and integrate single sign-on (SSO) into the application in the IDaaS console.


IT administrators can add application systems in the IDaaS console and integrate single sign-on into application systems. After you add an application and provision the account information, you can log on to the application system from the IDaaS console in a single sign-on manner.


  1. Log on to the IDaaS console as an IT administrator. For more information, see Logon in Administrator Guide.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Applications > Add Applications.
    Note You can click All, Standard Protocols, or Custom Templates tab to find the application to be added.
  3. Find the target application from the application template list and click Add Application in the Actions column.
    Note You can search for an application with the application name.
  4. In the Add Application dialog box that appears, configure the parameters as required.
    Notice The parameters will vary depending on the application. The Add Application dialog box will list these parameters.
    Note Parameters marked with asterisks are required.
  5. Click Submit.


The application is added. You can see the new application on the Application List page. By default, the new application is enabled.

What to do next

Authorize an application