This topic describes the scenarios where you can use Alibaba Cloud Identity as a Service (IDaaS).

You can use IDaaS in the following scenarios:

  • Use IDaaS to manage third-party applications in a centralized manner

    IDaaS hosts software applications in a centralized platform and provides a set of accounts for employees. An employee can log on to the platform with an account and use various network services, including network services used by enterprise suppliers, contractors, and other partners.

  • Use IDaaS to integrate and develop the enterprise office administration system

    IDaaS provides a system that integrates the account management, authentication, and authorization features. You can use IDaaS in the following scenarios:

    • Create an account for an employee, assign permissions on certain applications, and change permissions when the employee no longer requires permissions.
    • Enable single sign-on so that an employee can use an account to log on to a system and access multiple applications instead of maintaining different logon accounts for different applications.
    • Develop new application systems.
  • Use IDaaS to develop business systems that you provide for customers

    IDaaS provides the user pool feature. You can create a user pool and call the IDaaS API to complete user registration, logon, and logout. This helps you reduce the workload on authentication, authorization, account, and audit and focus on developing applications to boost business growth.