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List of operations by function

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2020

The following tables list API operations available for use in DBS. For more information, see OpenAPI Explorer.

Backup schedule management

Operation Description
CreateBackupPlan Creates a backup schedule.
ConfigureBackupPlan Configures a backup schedule.
RenewBackupPlan Renews a backup schedule.
UpgradeBackupPlan Upgrades a backup schedule.
StartBackupPlan Starts a backup schedule.
StopBackupPlan Stops a backup schedule.
DescribeBackupPlanList Queries one or more backup schedules.
DescribePreCheckProgressList Queries the precheck progress of a backup schedule or restore task.
ModifyBackupObjects Modifies the backup objects.
ModifyBackupSourceEndpoint Modifies a backup source.
ModifyBackupPlanName Modifies the name of a backup schedule.
ModifyBackupStrategy Modifies the backup time.
DescribeJobErrorCode Queries the standard error code information of a DBS task.
DescribeRestoreRangeInfo Queries the details of the time range of restore points.

Backup task management

Operation Description
DescribeFullBackupList Queries full backup tasks.
DescribeIncrementBackupList Queries incremental backup tasks.

Restore task management

Operation Description
CreateRestoreTask Creates a restore task.
StartRestoreTask Starts a restore task.
DescribeRestoreTaskList Queries one or more restore tasks.

Backup gateway management

Operation Description
DescribeBackupGatewayList Queries one or more backup gateways.