After you develop and publish a job, you can start the job on the Administration page.

To start a job, follow these steps:
  1. Log on to the Realtime Compute development platform.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Administration.
  3. On the Administration page, find the target job and click Start in the Actions column.
  4. In the Start dialog box that appears, specify Start Time for Reading Data.Trigger
  5. Click OK to start the job. Start Time for Reading Data indicates the time point at which reading data from the source table starts.
    • If you select the current time, Realtime Compute reads data generated after the current time.
    • If you select a previous time point, Realtime Compute reads data generated after this time point. This is used to trace historical data.
Note After the job is started, you can check its running information on the Overview tab. For more information, see Running information.