Before you can use tamper protection, you must activate and purchase it. This topic describes how to activate and purchase tamper protection.

Background information

Tamper protection is a value-added service provided by Security Center. The unit price of tamper protection is USD 142.6/server/month.
Note The Basic edition of Security Center does not support tamper protection. To activate and enable tamper protection, you must upgrade Security Center to the Basic Anti-Virus, Advanced, or Enterprise edition.


  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Operation > Extensions.
  3. In the Tamper Protection section, click Activate.Enable tamper protection
  4. On the Change Specification page, select Yes in the Web Tamper Protection section and set the Number of tamper protection licenses.The Change Specification page-intl
    The Number of tamper protection licenses indicates the number of servers for which you can enable tamper protection. For example, if Number is set to 3, you can enable tamper protection for a maximum of three servers.
    Note The validity period of tamper protection licenses is the same as that of the Security Center service that you have purchased.
  5. Click Buy Now to complete the payment.