You can add a rich text widget to a dashboard and enter text in the text box. You can also insert metrics in the text box to display the real-time values of the metrics. Metrics can be used in scenarios such as real-time data reports during promotions, subscription statistics of weekly report emails, and automatic report generation. This topic describes how to add and configure a rich text widget.


A dashboard is created. For information about how to create a dashboard, see Create a dashboard and Overview.

Add a rich text widget

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Workspace. On the page that appears, click Dashboards in the left-side navigation pane.
  2. On the Dashboards page, click Create Dashboard.

    If you use the Quick BI Enterprise Standard edition, you must select a mode. You can select Standard or Full Screen. In this example, the Standard mode is used.

  3. On the top of the canvas, click the Text Area icon to add a rich text widget. The Text Area icon is marked with ① in the following figure. Add a rich text widget
  4. On the Data tab of the Chart Design panel, specify dimensions and measures.
    • In the Dimensions list on the right side, double-click the dimensions that you want to use as metrics in the rich text widget or drag and drop the dimensions to the Dimension section. In this example, the area dimension is used.
    • In the Measures list on the right side, double-click the measures that you want to use or drag and drop the measures to the measure section. In this example, the order_number, order_amt, and profit_amt measures are used.
  5. Click Update. The system automatically updates the configuration of the rich text widget.
  6. On the canvas of the dashboard editing page, edit rich text.

    For more information, see Edit rich text.

  7. On the Style tab of the Chart Design panel, configure Basic Information, Style Settings, and Conditional Formatting.
  8. On the Advanced tab of the Chart Design panel, specify an interval at which metric data is automatically refreshed.

    Select Auto Refresh and configure an interval. In this example, the interval is set to 5 minutes. The system automatically refreshes the metric data every 5 minutes.

Edit rich text

  • Edit rich text content.

    Click the rich text widget and enter a title.

  • Configure the text style.
    You can configure the text style. For example, you can configure the type, font size, font, font color, background color, and alignment style for the text content and add metrics. 20
  • Create a hyperlink.
    Select text. In the toolbar, click the 2 icon to add an URL. 21

    After the hyperlink is created, you can press Ctrl and click the hypertext to open the linked page.

Delete a rich text widget

  1. Click the More icon icon in the upper-right corner of the rich text widget that you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete. The rich text widget is deleted.