This topic describes the release notes of ECS features.

For information about image release notes, see Release notes. For information about release notes of the Cloud Migration tool, see Cloud Migration tool.

Feature Release date Documentation
Manually created snapshots support CloudMonitor event notifications. 2019-05-10 Overview of event notifications
A single ENI supports multiple private IP addresses. 2019-04-28 Assign multiple secondary private IP addresses
System disk resizing is supported. 2019-04-24 Create a snapshot
Snapshots of expired cloud disks can be created. 2019-04-20
The public image Aliyun Linux 2 is released. 2019-03-27 Aliyun Linux 2
gn6i (GPU computing instance type family) is released. 2019-03-21 Instance type families
sccgn6 (GPU computing Super Computing Cluster (SCC) instance type family) is released. 2019-03-20 Instance type families
vgn5i (lightweight GPU computing instance type family) is released. 2019-03-19 Instance type families
The Reserved Instance (RI) feature is released. 2019-03-18 Reserved Instances
ECS instances support status change events and preemptible instances recycle alarm events. 2019-01-29 System events
The cloud assistant client supports the UK (London) region. 2018-12-31 Cloud assistant
Preemptible instances are billed by the second. 2018-12-17 Preemptible instances
Instance release protection is supported. 2018-12-14 Enable instance release protection
The DescribeNetworkInterfaces API outputs the public IP address to which an ENI is attached. 2018-12-04 CancelSimulatedSystemEvents
Custom images can be created by using Packer. 2018-11-30 Use Packer to create a custom image
re4e (memory optimized instance type family with enhanced performance) is released. 2018-11-30 Instance type families
Subscription cloud disks can be created separately and attached to a Subscription instance. 2018-11-29 Create a Subscription cloud disk
Alibaba Cloud Deployment Set is released. 2018-11-16 Deployment set
The new generation FaaS f3 (VU9P) instance is released. 2018-10-31 Instance type families
Open API best practices of critical features are released. 2018-10-19 Create an instance by using the wizard
The t5 instance type family supports the unlimited feature. 2018-09-30 t5 unlimited instances
Instance metadata supports O&M system events. 2018-09-14 Metadata
The health status of ECS instances is displayed on the instance details page. 2018-09-14 View instance health status
The new generation GPU cloud host GN6 (V100 model) is released. 2018-09-12 Instance type families
Batch renewal of instances and batch purchase of historical instances are supported. 2018-09-07 Manual renewal
An interface for simulated events can be created and canceled. 2018-09-03
Subscription instances can be converted to Pay-As-You-Go instances. 2018-09-01 Switching the billing method from Subscription to Pay-As-You-Go
The O&M of instances to which local disks are attached is optimized. 2018-08-31 Local disks
The cloud assistant is supported in the ECS console. 2018-08-17 Cloud assistant
The Super Computing Cluster (SCC) is released. 2018-08-16 Super Computing Clusters
Images in qcow2 format can be imported. 2018-07-30
Security group rules can be modified. 2018-07-25 Manage security group rules
Instances can be tagged when being created. 2018-07-20 Add a tag to resources
ebmc4 (computing ECS Bare Metal Instance type family) is released. 2018-07-18 Instance type families
The estimated time remaining can be displayed when a snapshot is created. 2018-07-17 Create a snapshot
Quota management is supported. 2018-07-15 Manage privileges and quotas
ESSD cloud disks (open beta test) are available in Zone G, China North 2 (Beijing). 2018-07-14 Cloud disks and Shared Block Storage
System logs and screenshots can be viewed. 2018-07-13 Console output and screenshot
The number of instances added in a security group and the number of security group rules can be modified by opening a ticket. 2018-07-10 Limits
ic5 (intensive computing instance type family) is released. 2018-07-09 Instance type families
System images can be set to Red Hat or other operating systems when an ECS instance is created. 2018-06-29 Create an instance by using the wizard
Cross-type configuration changes of Pay-As-You-Go instances in real time are supported. 2018-06-15 Instance type families that support instance type upgrades
Subscription instances can be renewed on a weekly basis. 2018-06-12 Manual renewal
Security groups in a classic network can be cloned to a VPC in one click. 2018-06-06 Manage security groups
Phase II of active O&M is released. 2018-06-01 System events
The image compliance tool is released. 2018-05-28 Image compliance tool
ECS system events are migrated to CloudMonitor and can be queried. 2018-05-25 System events
The ECS instance launch template is added. 2018-05-11 Create a template
Pay-As-You-Go instances can be converted to Subscription instances. 2018-04-23 Switch from Pay-As-You-Go to Subscription billing
Subscription ECS instances can be renewed and their configurations can be changed after expiration. 2018-04-13 Renew for configuration downgrade
The ECS console provides a dashboard of instances and storage resources. 2018-04-01 Resource overview
The NGC GPU-accelerated container is released. 2018-03-28 Deploy an NGC on gn5 instances
The system event feature is released. 2018-03-26 System events
ECS Bare Metal Instance is released. 2018-03-14 ECS Bare Metal Instance and Super Computing Clusters
The ECS instance identifier feature is released. 2018-03-01 Instance identity
The interface of querying resource configuration upgrade/downgrade capabilities is added. 2018-02-10 DescribeResourcesModification
The number of days before a Subscription instance is released after its expiration is changed from 7 days to 15 days. 2018-02-07 Subscription
The resource creating and querying interface is opened. 2018-02-02 DescribeAvailableResource
The "No fees for stopped VPC instances" feature is released. 2017-12-14 No fees for stopped VPC instances
The Elastic Network Interface (ENI) feature is released. 2017-12-08 ENI overview
FPGA cloud server f1 is released. 2017-12-02 Instance type families
The batch instance creating interface is opened. 2017-12-01 RunInstances
The ECS console supports real-time diagnosis. 2017-12-01 Self-diagnostic system
The Cloud Migration tool is released. 2017-11-27 Cloud Migration tool overview
Security group rules can be imported and exported. 2017-11-23 Manage security group rules
Subscription instances can have the auto-renew function disabled. 2017-11-23 ModifyInstanceAutoRenewAttribute
Pay-by-week instances can be created and renewed by using APIs. 2017-11-03 CreateInstance
RAM roles can be assigned to ECS instances. 2017-11-01 What is the RAM role of an instance
The public IP address of instances in a VPC can be converted to an Elastic IP (EIP). 2017-10-31 Change an ECS public IP address to an EIP
The preemptible instance is released. 2017-10-18 Preemptible instances
t5 (burstable instance) is released. 2017-10-09 Basic concepts
Fees for Pay-As-You-Go instances and cloud disks are calculated by the second and charged by the hour. 2017-09-29 Billing method comparison
gn5i (instance type family applicable for deep learning and online reasoning scenarios) is released. 2017-09-23 Instance type families
Cloud disk encryption is supported. 2017-09-05 ECS disk encryption
Security group quintuple rules are supported. 2017-08-31 Security group quintuple rules
Instances in a classic network can be connected with instances in a VPC through ClassicLink. 2017-08-25 Network types
The Skylake-based processor and new generation ECS instance with high clock speed and local SSD instance for 25G networks are released. 2017-08-22 Instance type families
The bandwidth of instances can be changed by using an API. 2017-08-17 ModifyInstanceNetworkSpec
Custom images can be imported. 2017-08-10 Notes for importing images
Instances in a security group can be isolated from each other. 2017-07-07 Isolation of instances within a security group
APIs are released for the RAM roles of instances. 2017-05-26 Use the instance RAM role by calling APIs
The network-optimized instance is released. 2017-05-23 Instance type families
d1 (storage-intensive instance type family) is released. 2017-05-12 Instance type families
The default security group policy is modified to support ICMP and expose TCP (22) and TCP (3389) ports only. 2017-05-11 Security group overview
Security groups can be backed up, overwritten, and restored. 2017-05-10 Manage security group rules
SSH key pairs are available. 2017-04-25 SSH key pairs
The cloud-init tool supports some custom images. 2017-02-24 Install cloud-init for Linux images
i1 (high-I/O local ephemeral disk storage instance type family) is released. 2017-02-17 Instance type families
The system disk snapshot can be used to create data disks. 2017-02-15 Create a cloud disk by using a snapshot
gn4 (GPU computing instance type family) is released. 2017-02-14 Instance type families
ga1 (GPU visualization instance type family) is released. 2017-01-24 Instance type families
se1 (exclusive instance type family) is released. 2017-01-21 Instance type families
Snapshot 2.0 is released. 2016-03-15 Snapshot overview
The system disk resizing feature is released. 2016-01-15 Resize a cloud disk offline
The image import feature is released. 2015-12-15 Import custom images
Security groups are supported in the ECS console. 2015-11-02 Create a security group
The image Marketplace is released. 2015-09-02 Marketplace images
The attach tag feature is released. 2015-08-20 Limits
The operating system of Pay-As-You-Go instances can be changed. 2015-08-13 Replace the system disk by using a public image
Images in a security group can be shared. 2015-05-15 Share images
Disks in a security group can be resized offline. 2015-04-20 Disk resizing overview
The image copying feature is released. 2015-01-26 Copy images
The independent cloud disk is released. 2014-08-22 What is block storage?