This topic lists the version history of App Studio.

App Studio V1.0

Released on: April 3, 2019

Content: App Studio provides an IDE that is used to publish apps based on Function Studio. It has the following core features:

  • Language Server Protocol (LSP) based language service

    App Studio supports features such as syntax highlighting, code hinting, code completion, smart diagnosis, definition search, and reference search, providing the same experience as editing in a local IDE.

  • Debugging

    App Studio comes with all breakpoint types and operations of a local IDE. It supports thread switching and filtering, variable viewing and watching, remote debugging, hot code replacement, and multi-feature terminal.

  • API-based frontend and backend development

    In App Studio, you can configure backend APIs and associate them with frontend visual components.

  • Frontend visual building

    You can drag and drop components to flexibly build frontend apps. This feature is applicable to users who do not have experience in developing frontend apps. App Studio also supports frontend template management and switching between the visual mode and code mode to meet the higher development requirements of developers.

  • Code version control
  • Online deployment and real-time app preview
  • Collaborative coding

    Currently, App Studio allows a maximum of eight users to edit the same file of a project online at the same time.

  • Custom project templates and strong project management capabilities
  • Plug-in development and integration capabilities

    You can develop plug-ins and customize business-specific IDEs. (This feature will be published in App Studio V1.1 together with Plug-in Market.)

  • Support of multiple languages, such as Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Python
  • Automatic generation and running of unit testing (UT) code
  • Project sharing through link (This feature will be published in App Studio V1.1 together with Plug-in Market.)
  • Online publishing of developed apps (This feature will be published in App Studio V1.2.)