This topic describes the common request parameters in Elastic Container Instance (ECI) API requests.

Parameter Type Description
RegionId String The ID of the region where the container group is deployed, such as cn-hangzhou. For more information about regions and zones, see Regions and zones.
ZoneId String The ID of the zone where the container group is deployed. If you do not specify this parameter, the system assigns a zone ID for the container group. The default value is the zone ID assigned by the system.
SecurityGroupId String The ID of the security group to which the container group belongs, such as sg-xxx. Container groups from the same security group can access each other. For more information about security groups, see Manage security groups.
VSwitchId String The ID of the VSwitch to connect to, such as vsw-xxx. Currently, container groups can only be deployed in Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). For more information, see Create a VSwitch

For more information about other common request parameters such as those related to the signature method, see Digital signature.