This topic describes the VOD function of Alibaba Cloud CDN. If your website or application distributes audio and video content in formats such as MP4 and FLV, you can use the VOD function to accelerate the content distribution.

Background information

The VOD service is suitable for websites and applications that provide audio and video content such as movies, online education, news, and social networking.

VOD has become an independent, all-in-one solution that provides a portfolio of services including audio and video upload, automatic encoding, media resource management, and distribution acceleration. You can purchase this solution and Alibaba Cloud CDN in a service package, which reduces the overall cost by 30%. We recommend that you use CDN with OSS to increase the back-to-origin speed while reducing the operational bandwidth for directing back-to-origin traffic by two thirds. For more information, see What is ApsaraVideo for VoD.


The VOD service helps you to resolve the following issues:

  • Videos cannot be played or freeze from time to time.
  • Complex uploading, encoding, storage, and distribution processes.
  • Video resources are susceptible to hijacking or theft.
  • Small-sized videos uploaded by users cannot be reviewed quickly.