If your business requires the distribution of large static web pages or application files, such as .apk game installation files, .rar application update files, patch files, and audio and video files, you can use CDN to accelerate the download of large files.


The Large File Download function is suitable for downloading and distributing files that are greater than 20 MB in various formats. We recommend that you use CDN together with Object Storage Service (OSS) to accelerate the back-to-origin process, which can save up to two-thirds of the back-to-origin bandwidth costs.

The following figure shows typical application scenarios of the Large File Download function.

Challenges that the Large File Download function can solve

  • End users cannot download files, or the download speed is too low.
  • Downloads are easily interrupted when the network environment is unstable. Re-downloads can cost extra resources.
  • Website content is insecure and easily hijacked.
  • File storage costs and performance requirements for the origin site are high.

Required Alibaba Cloud products and functions

The following table describes Alibaba Cloud products and functions required for large file downloads.
Product or function Description
ENS Alibaba Cloud has a large network of CDN nodes, which can help users acquire nearby resources, intelligently schedule traffic among all regions, reduce response latency, and relieve pressure on the origin site.
OSS The Alibaba Cloud ecosystem can be used with OSS to save storage costs and back-to-origin bandwidth, and ensure the high availability of the origin site.
Resumable upload This function allows resumable upload through all kinds of protocols on the client side, saving downstream bandwidth.
HTTPS acceleration This function supports various authentication methods to prevent link hijacking.

Related operations

Before adding an accelerated domain name in the CDN console and selecting a service type, you need to learn about the application scenarios of different service types. For more information about specific operations, see Add a CDN domain.