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JS SDK Introduction

Last Updated: May 28, 2019

The JavaScript SDK (JS SDK) connects the blockchain business and the blockchain platform. It provides basic operations to implement multiple features, including submitting transactions, performing account operations, deploying and calling smart contracts, performing query operations, executing local transactions, and listening to events. JS SDK interacts with the blockchain platform based on the TLS and HTTPS protocols, and standardizes the calling of multiple operations. Therefore, JS SDK can be integrated and run in the Node.js environment or other environments such as browsers and web applications, which is more flexible and convenient.

JS SDK is easy to use and compatible with various environments. Node.js is required when you call the JS SDK with the TLS protocol. You can call the JS SDK directly in the browser when the HTTPS protocol is used.

Release note

JS SDK will be continuously upgraded and released with improved features. The core features of the previous versions are described in the following table.

Version Supported blockchains Updated features Download link
0.2.27 - Supports standard blockchains.
- CHINA SM-based contract blockchains are not supported.
- Supports TLS/HTTPS protocols.
- Supports account and contract operations, query operations, and event subscriptions.
- Supports Solidity and C++ contracts.
See download instructions.

Download instructions

  • If you are using the test chain, you can download sdk from BaaS console overview page.downloadsdk

  • In other cases, you can go to the blockchain management page to download the