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Introduction to iOS access

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2021
Important: iOS hotpatch is only available for private cloud. You need to submit ticket each time you upgrade the baseline.

In iOS development, to quickly fix major online bugs without releasing a new version is crucial to iOS apps. This is because the release of an app version takes a very long time due to the stringent standards, long period, and low efficiency of approval in the AppStore.

The Hotpatch technology provided by mPaaS can fix online bugs by replacing the original Objective-C methods with JavaScript methods on the basis of the runtime feature. Currently the following capabilities are available:

  • Add and modify classes (including adding instance methods, class methods, and attributes, and modifying method implementation).
  • Call any Objective-C class method to access member variables.
  • Use advanced syntaxes such as block, struct, and GCD.
  • Enable rollback operations to take effect immediately, the replaced methods can be restored in no time.
  • Control the script execution time (running the main thread before startup and subthreads after startup).
  • Provide an impeccable encryption and signature verification system.