The USE statement tells DRDS to use the named database as the default database for subsequent operations. This topic describes how to execute the USE statement.

Background information

DRDS allows you to connect to different databases that are deployed in a DRDS instance. This feature is similar to the feature that enables data queries across standalone databases that run on the MySQL engine. When you log on to a DRDS instance, use DB_NAME to configure the default database for subsequent operations. You can execute the USE statement to switch between databases. This helps you manage multiple databases at a time.


  • Before you switch between databases, ensure that you have the permissions on the databases. You can grant the permissions in the console.For more information, see Account and permission system.
  • After you switch to another database, the hints and sequences in original SQL statements take effect on the new database. This rule applies if you do not specify a database in the hints or sequences.


USE db_name   


You can execute the following statement to switch to a database named NEW_DB: