INSERT INTO table_name [ ( column [, ... ] ) ] query


Inserts data. If a list of column names is specified, they must exactly match the list of columns returned by the query. Each column in the table not present in the column list is filled with a null value.


INSERT INTO orders SELECT * FROM new_orders; --- Inserts the SELECT results into the table "orders".
INSERT INTO cities VALUES (1, 'San Francisco'); --- Inserts a data row.
INSERT INTO cities VALUES (2, 'San Jose'), (3, 'Oakland'); --- Inserts multiple rows.
INSERT INTO nation (nationkey, name, regionkey, comment) VALUES (26, 'POLAND', 3, 'no comment'); --- Inserts a single row.
INSERT INTO nation (nationkey, name, regionkey) VALUES (26, 'POLAND', 3); --- Inserts a single row (which only includes some columns).