Log Service can query and analyze collected Object Storage Service (OSS) access logs in real time, and displays analysis results by using various visualized charts.

Configure query and analysis

  1. After you have associated buckets with a Logstore, click Configure Index in the dialog box that appears to go to the Log Service console.
    Figure 1. Configure query and analysis
    Configure query and analysis
  2. Log Service provides several preset indexes for querying OSS access logs. For more information about the related fields, see Log fields.
    1. Find the target project and click the project name.
    2. Double-click the Logstore name and choose Index Attributes > Modify.
    Figure 2. Configure indexes
    Configure indexes
    Note By default, Log Service creates four dashboards for the Logstore associated with one or more buckets. After you complete the configuration, you can view these dashboards on the Dashboard page. You can also click Analyze Log next to a target Logstore on the Log Service page in the OSS console, and click a dashboard name in the left-side navigation pane to view the dashboard.
    Figure 3. Analyze logs
    Analyze logs

Default dashboards

Log Service provides the following default dashboards:
  • oss_operation_center: displays the overall operation information.
    Figure 4. oss_operation_center
    Operation statistics
  • oss_access_center: displays statistics of access logs.
    Figure 5. oss_access_center
    Access log statistics
  • oss_performance_center: displays statistics of performance.
    Figure 6. oss_performance_center
    Performance statistics
  • oss_audit_center: displays statistics of object deletion and modification.
    Figure 7. oss_audit_center
    Object deletion and modification