This topic describes how to call the UploadImageToLib operation to upload images to a specified image library. Before uploading images, you must call the DescribeUploadInfo operation to obtain a signature for uploading images.


Operation: UploadImageToLib

Request parameters

For more information about the common request parameters that must be included in all Content Moderation API requests, see Common request parameters.

The following table describes the parameters in the request body.
Parameter Type Required Description
ImageLibId Numeric Yes The primary key ID of the image library.
Urls List Yes The images. Each element in the list is the access URL of an image in OSS.

Response parameters

For more information about common response parameters that this operation returns, see Common response parameters.


Sample requests
    "ImageLibId": "2147",
    "Urls": "[\"\"]"
Sample success responses
  "RequestId": "795D8871-4889-4C0F-A8B1-C7D2B990FF61",
  "code": 200