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Create an iSCSI volume

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2019

1、On the Volumes page, click Create in the upper-right corner to create a volume, as shown in the following figures:39


Parameters and descriptions:

iSCSI Volume Name: The volume name can be from 1 to 31 characters in length and can contain English letters and numbers.

Mode: The Cache mode allows read and write operations to use local cache disks first. The Write-through mode writes files to Alibaba Cloud OSS buckets and directly reads data from Alibaba Cloud. The Cache mode usually provides better read and write performance for iSCSI gateways.

Cache: You can select cache disks only after you have added cache disks on the Cache page. If the cache capacity is smaller than 500 GB, then 20% of the cache capacity is used to store metadata. If the cache capacity is larger than 500 GB, then 100 GB is used to store metadata.

Recovery: If you select Yes and the corresponding OSS bucket has been configured for storage, the system attempts to use the metadata, such as the volume capacity, to restore the volume. If you select No, the system directly uses the corresponding OSS bucket to create a new volume.

Size: You must specify the volume capacity. The capacity must be no less than 1 GB and no more than 262,144 GB.

Distribution Unit: The default size is 32 KB. You can select 8 KB, 16 KB, 32 KB, 64 KB, or 128 KB based on your actual needs.

Authorization Method: You can select CHAP and configure a one-way CHAP.

Create volumes as needed

The following example shows how to create a volume of 100 GB, and configure CHAP.


After you set the required parameters for the volume, click Next.


Set the required parameters for the OSS bucket and click Next.


Confirm the information on the Summary page and click OK.

You can view the volumes that you have created and the tasks on the Volumes page.