This topic describes how to connect to a Windows ECS instance from an Android device. Microsoft Remote Desktop is used in this topic.


Before you connect to an ECS instance, take note of the following items:
  • The instance is in the Running state.
  • The instance has a public IP address and is accessible from the Internet.
  • The logon password for the instance is set. If you forget the password, see Reset the logon password of an instance.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop is installed. For more information about the software, visit the Microsoft website.
  • A security rule is added to the security group to which the instance belongs. For more information, see Add security group rules.
    Network type NIC type Direction Authorization policy Protocol type Port range Authorization type Authorization object Priority
    VPC Not required Inbound Allow RDP (3389) 3389/3389 CIDR block 1
    Classic network Public
  • If you log on to the Windows instance as a non-administrator user, the username must belong to the Remote Desktop Users group.


  1. Start RD Client.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Remote Desktop page, tap the + icon.
    Remote Desktop
  3. On the Add New page, select Desktop.
    Add New
  4. On the Edit Desktop page, configure the connection information and tap Save.
    You must configure the following parameters to connect to the Windows instance:
    • PC Name: the public IP address
    • User Account: the username, such as administrator, and logon password of the instanceEdit Desktop
  5. On the Remote Desktop page, tap the icon of the Windows instance to which you want to connect.
    Remote Desktop
  6. On the confirmation page, tap Accept.
    Confirmation page


You are connected to the Windows instance.Connected to the Windows instance