This topic describes how to modify alert information in the log service console.


You must add raw log content to the notification content. For example, if the number of error log reaches five or more and an alert is triggered within 15 minutes, see the following configuration example:

  1. Login log Service Console and click the Project name.
  2. Click the alerts icon on the left side. Alert List select the corresponding alert rule.
  3. Go to the alert overview page, and choose modify a configuration.
  4. On the modify configuration page, alarm configuration.
  5. Input alert Name, select the corresponding chart name the query statement is level:ERROR, settings query Interval, click add, add Chart 1, enter alert Name, select the corresponding chart name the query statement is level:ERROR | select COUNT(*) as count, settings query Interval, click next Step.
  6. Settings notifications parameter notification list select email, click email, recipient enter an email account theme, notification content input ${results[0].rawresults}.

More information

If you set alert notification method to DingTalk robot, the system DingTalk failed to send the notification and the following error is returned: The security settings of the latest version of the robot are incorrect. For more information, see WebHook- DingTalk robot reset the settings. If the problem has not been solved or there are other errors, please submit a ticket.

{"errcode":310000,"errmsg":"sign not match"}
{"errcode":310000,"errmsg":"keywords not in content"}

Application scope

  • Log Service for WAF