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Last Updated: Aug 23, 2019

1、If the pop-up window is blocked by your browser, you can click the pop-up blocker icon to allow the pop-up window. You can change the browser settings to disable the pop-up blocker. The following section describes how to disable the pop-up blocker for the Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers:

Firefox: open the Firefox menu, choose Options -> Privacy and Security -> Permissions, and clear the Block pop-up windows check box.

Chrome: open the Chrome menu, choose Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Content settings -> Pop-ups, and select Allow all sites to show pop-ups.

Safari: open the Safari menu, select Preferences, click the Security tab, and clear the Block pop-up windows check box.

2、The preview version allows you create one Performance gateway, two Standard gateways, and four Basic gateways under each Alibaba Cloud account. This limit applies to all gateway types.

3、For the preview version, the capacity of a cache disk is determined by the gateway specification if the version is earlier than 1.0.35. Version 1.0.35 allows you to select a capacity in the Alibaba Cloud CSG console. The cache disk capacities of each specification are as follows:

Basic: 50 GB.

Standard: 100 GB.

Enhanced and Performance: 200 GB.

4、You can estimate the cache disk capacity of each iSCSI volume as follows:

(Application ThroughputThroughput(MB/s)-gateway backend ThroughputThroughput(MB/s)) × Duration Wwrites Duration (S)× 1.2=Recommended Cache Capacity

If you want the local cache disk to have a higher I/O throughput, calculate the total amount of hot data. Compare the total amount of hot data with the largest recommended local cache capacity, and set the capacity of the local cache disk to whichever is greater.

5、The synchronization bandwidth of a gateway is determined by the OSS bandwidth. Currently, OSS provides a maximum bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s. The bandwidth of an OSS cluster varies depending on the region. For more information, consult Alibaba Cloud customer service.

6、The default IOPS is determined by the performance of the attached local cache disk. The maximum bandwidth is 140 Mbit/s.