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Last Updated: Sep 05, 2019

Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports three mainstream engines: Hyperledger Fabric, Ant Blockchain, and Quorum, an enterprise-focused version of Ethereum. This topic describes the billing methods of BaaS that are based on the Hyperledger Fabric engine.

The BaaS service based on Ant Blockchain and Quorum is in the open beta test period. You can apply for free on the Homepage of BaaS.

Billing details for BaaS based on Hyperledger Fabric

The billing items include:

Billing item 1: blockchain network instances

  • Description:
    Instances that are used to run the BaaS platform. All instances are dedicated instances. The CPU, memory, storage, and I/O resources assigned to an instance are exclusive to this instance, which improves the stability and reliability.
    • The operator of the network needs to create a consortium instance first, and then invite the participants to join the consortium.
    • Participants of the network need to create an organization instance and then join the consortium after they confirm the invitation sent by the operator. Note: At the same time, one organization instance can only exist in one consortium.
  • Billing method: subscription
  • Billing details: see the following table.
    • Test network: Starter Edition. Owned by a single customer, this network has one Starter Edition consortium instances and two Starter Edition organization instances to simulate a minimum multi-party transaction scenario, which is suitable for getting started and testing smart contracts.
    • Production Network: Basic Edition and Enterprise Edition. Instances of this two editions are used for building a production network of multiple parties, meanwhile the network should includes one consortium instance and N organization instances (N≥1).

Table 1. Instance specifications and billing details

Instance type Specification Free storage space All regions
(Test network)
Starter Edition 50 GB Monthly: USD 623
Consortium Basic Edition 100 GB Monthly: USD 1,078
Enterprise Edition 500 GB Monthly: USD 5,254
Organization Basic Edition 100 GB Monthly: USD 735
Enterprise Edition 500 GB Monthly: USD 3,645

For more information about how to choose the appropriate specifications based on different business scenarios, see the Purchase Guide section.

Billing item 2: storage space

  • Description:
    The storage space is used to store blockchain ledgers and related data. It is based on Alibaba Cloud NAS performance storage type. The blockchain network instance has provided some free storage space. During the running process, when the data exceeds the limit of free storage space, the system scales out automatically to ensure the session continuity and the availability of connections.
  • Billing method:
    pay-as-you-go. Expenses incurred within an hour are deducted from the balance at the next hourly interval. Make sure that the account balance is sufficient when you use this service.
  • Billing details :
    space exceeding the free quota will be billed based on a pay-as-you-go basis. Expenses incurred within an hour are deducted from the balance at the next hourly interval.

All regions: USD$0.000472/GB/Hour (Equals to USD$0.34/GB/Month).
For more information about the details of the pay-as-you-go billing method, see NAS pricing (Performance NAS).