Alibaba Cloud has released the feature of restoring individual databases or tables for ApsaraDB RDS MySQL instances in Singapore since February 19, 2019.

Note For details about the restoration of individual databases in an ApsaraDB RDS SQL Server instance, see Restore the data of an ApsaraDB RDS SQL Server instance.

Release date

February 19, 2019

Supported region


Application scope

ApsaraDB RDS MySQL 5.6 High-availability Edition

Released feature

Restoration of data of individual databases or tables


  • Individual databases or tables can be restored based on the xbstream package. Therefore, backup files are converted from the tar format to the xbstream format. If your business involves the backup file format, you must update your applications to be compatible with the new backup file format before February 19.
  • The OSS storage space occupied by backup files will increase due to the change in backup file format. Pay attention to the space used for backup. If the total size of backup files exceeds the quota, additional fees will be incurred. We recommend that you schedule the backup cycle appropriately to meet your business needs while making proper use of the backup space.
  • After the feature goes online, you must submit a ticket to activate the feature before you can restore individual databases or tables.


How do I know if my backup files have been converted?

A: You can download backup files in the console to view the format. If the files are in the xbstream format, the conversion has been completed.