Currently, Function Studio supports most of the code generation features available in Java, including generating a constructor, getter, or setter method, overriding methods that a subclass inherits from a superclass, and implementing methods of an interface.


Currently, you can generate the Java code in either of the following two ways:

  • Right-click the blank area and choose Generate.
  • Press cmd+m.


  1. On the Generate Code panel, click Constructor.
  2. Select the fields for the constructor. The constructor that contains the statement to initialize such fields is generated.

Getter and setter

You can generate the code of the getter and setter methods in the same way as you generate the constructor.

Note If a Java class does not have any field or the Java class is overridden by the @data annotation of Lombok, the getter or setter function is not required for the Java class. In this case, the Getter, Setter, and Getter And Setter options do not appear on the Generate panel.

Override methods

On the Generate panel, click Override Methods. All methods that can be overridden are listed on the Generate Code panel.

Select a method. The code for overriding this method is generated.

Implement methods

You can generate code for implementing methods in a similar way as that described in "Override methods."

Note When creating a class to implement an interface, each of the methods defined on the interface must have code implementation. Otherwise, the statement has a syntax error and is marked by a red wave line.

In addition to the Implement Methods option on the Generate panel, you can also use code hinting to achieve the same purpose.