This topic describes the impacts of disabling the Internet firewall.

The following figure shows the Internet Firewall tab.

Internet Firewall tab

Disabling the Internet firewall may have the following impacts:

  • On the Internet Access page, some traffic analysis charts have no data. To go to this page, choose Traffic Analysis > Internet Access in the left-side navigation pane.
  • If you have created outbound or inbound access control policies, these policies become invalid. The hits of these policies remain unchanged.
  • Network traffic no longer passes Cloud Firewall. Intrusion prevention is not implemented.

    Even if Threat Engine Settings is set to Monitoring Mode, the intrusion prevention system (IPS) no longer detects network traffic on the server. Traffic Control Mode of Threat Engine Settings is also invalid.

  • The Traffic Logs page does not display the traffic data generated after the Internet firewall is disabled. To go to this page, choose Logs > Log Audit in the left-side navigation pane, and click the Traffic Logs tab.
  • No traffic passes Cloud Firewall, and traffic data cannot be captured. The Packet Capture page does not display the IP packet information. To go to this page, choose Tools > Packet Capture in the left-side navigation pane. For more information, see Packet capture.

For information about how to enable or disable the Internet firewall, see Enable or disable Internet Firewall.