The log search feature allows you to search by keyword to view the core service logs and instance system logs of all clusters under your account. You can quickly view key service logs without logging on to an instance and can still find the logs of cluster instances after they are cleared.

Enter the Log Search page

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce console.
  2. Click the Monitor tab.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, click Log Search.

Search for logs

The log search feature allows you to filter logs by cluster name, log file name, instance name, or time period. The log search results include the instance name, instance IP address, storage path of logs in the instance, and log content about a specific cluster.

The following table lists supported log files.

Service Supported log file
  • yarn-container-log
  • proxyserver-out
  • proxyserver-log
  • resourcemanager-out
  • resourcemanager-log
  • timelineserver-out
  • timelineserver-log
  • historyserver-out
  • historyserver-log
  • nodemanager-out
  • nodemanager-log
  • flume-gc
  • flume-log
  • spark-history-gc
  • spark-thriftserver-out
  • sparkhistory-out
  • hiveserver2-err
  • metastore-log
  • hiveserver2-log
  • hive-log
  • namenode-gc
  • hdfs-audit-log
  • datanode-log
  • datanode-out
  • zkfc-out
  • zkfc-log
  • journalnode-out
  • journalnode-log
  • namenode-out
  • namenode-log
HOST var-log-messages
  • zeppelin-log
  • zeppelin-out
  • hue-supervisor-log
  • hue-runcpserver-log
  • hue-access-log
  • hue-error-log

View log context

When you troubleshoot issues, you need to focus on the log context of keywords. To view the log context, find the target search result and click Browse Context in the Actions column.Searchlog context