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Alibaba Mail Console User Guide

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2019

Alibaba Mail is one of the enterprise-level services of Alibaba Cloud, providing mailbox services. With Alibaba Mail, you can perform operations such as create an email account that ends with the domain name of your company, customize the style of your mailbox, and change send/receive settings. By keeping mailboxes and user accounts in the same place, Alibaba Mail facilitates the operation and maintenance of emails.

Based on the advantages provided by cloud computing of Alibaba Cloud, such as large-scale, low cost, and high efficiency, Alibaba Mail is dedicated to providing professional mailbox services.

1. Log on to the Alibaba Mail console
The Alibaba Mail console is designed for administrators. After logging on to the console, administrators can perform various operations such as manage employee email accounts and customize mailboxes. In addition, administrators can go to their own mailbox in the console.
After you purchase Alibaba Mail, you can obtain an administrator account from Alibaba Cloud. This account is excluded from the number of purchased accounts. After you set the initial password for the default administrator account in the Alibaba Mail console, you can log on to the console as an administrator and perform various operations such as create departments, user accounts, customize the style of the mailbox, and set department postmasters.

  • You can only access the console via a web browser.
  • We recommend that you use Google Chrome to log on to the console.
    You cannot perform the Forgot password operation on the default administrator account. You must log on to the console by using another account to reset the password for the default administrator.


  1. You have purchased Alibaba Mail.
  2. You have set the user account and password for the default administrator.
  3. You have configured the MX Resolution.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Mail console by clicking
  2. On the Mail Account Login tab, enter the administrator account and password.
    After you bind your DingTalk account with Alibaba Mail, you can also log on to the console by scanning a DingTalk QR code on the DingTalk Account Login tab.
  3. Enter the verification code and click Login.