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How to understand the Available Credit?

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2019

To learn more about the Available Credit, click the Available Credit Details button, and you can discover how the Available Credit are calculated.

Taking another account as an example, please see below. The Available Credit are USD -104.58. There are three parts to the calculation.


Available Credit = Balance and Refund + Credit Limit – Unpaid and To be Billed

Therefore, in this scenario:

Available Credit = USD 00.00 + USD 1017.33 - USD 1121.91

Available Credit = USD -104.58



1) Balance and Refund incudes the total amount of your Account Balance plus any Refund Balance. Your remittance will be temporarily stored in Account Balance as a prepayment. Additionally, if Alibaba Cloud makes any refunds to you, these funds will be stored in Refund Balance.

2) Credit Limit is the credit that Alibaba Cloud extends to you. Typically, this will not change unless your account manager applies for an increase to it. You cannot use it to buy services directly. It is not a payment method. You can consider it as the maximum amount that you can owe to Alibaba Cloud.

3) Unpaid and To be Billed is the total amount of your unpaid monthly bill amount (invoiced) and the consumption of the current month (to be invoiced).

In the scenario shown above, the Available Credit of this account are below zero. This is not a good condition for the account. Please see the following information.

*Question: I used to have Alibaba Cloud Credit Payment; where is it now?

Alibaba Cloud has upgraded the credit payment system and the previous Alibaba Cloud Credit Payment is offline. The new credit limit equals the available Credit Payment amount before the upgrade. You need to settle the old credit payment bills to increase your new credit limit.

Please see the last section for details.